UD Student Rental FAQs

What is the process of renting one of your houses?

  1. Get your group together contact us about which house your group is interested in if it is still available we will let you know all the info on it.
  2. Take your group thru the house to see if your group likes it if everyone likes it download the Lease have everyone sign it. Email a list of all names that will be on lease ahead of time so we can fill out deposit slips. Get deposits ready with a copy of each students license
  3. Set up meeting bring your Lease a copy of each students license and pay your deposits.
  4. Done you just rented a House!

Will you hold a house for a group without signing the Lease?
No. It's first come first serve. Everyone in the group must sign the lease and pay the deposit at the time of signing.

Are utilities included?
Yes. Landlord pays utilities Water & Trash , Electric , & Gas.

What if someone drops out?
You’re group is still responsible for the full amount due on the house, and jointly to find a replacement. This is a legal and binding Lease if for some reason a student backs out they must fill their spot or pay the rent amount owed. If your group isn't sure of everyone in it... don't sign.

Does Landlord do inspections after we move in and are living there?
Yes Houses will be inspected monthly.

What does minimum amount of students mean?
Each house has a minimum amount of students required to rent that house.

What about bugs ?
All our houses are inspected and and pre treated for bugs before students move in.

Are students allowed to smoke in your houses?
NO Smoking of any kind is permitted in our houses & carry fines.

Are pets allowed?
No pets are not allowed.

What if a extra person wants to live with us and they are not on the Lease?
That person would have to be added to the lease and pay rent also if extra students are found everyone could be evicted and forfeit your rent already paid.

Does your houses have a washer & dryer on site?
Yes all of our houses come with a set.

What does furnished include? All houses include beds, dressers, dining table. leather couches, tv stand & big screen tv

Are the houses safe?
All the houses are inspected yearly by the City of Dayton Housing Inspection. They are licensed by the City. All houses have interconnected smoke alarms that are tested during inspections. Do not tamper with these alarms, they could save your life !

What about trash?
You make it, you clean it up. The inside and outside of your house is your responsibility. You could be fined by the City of Dayton & UD for trash in your yard it is students responsibility to put trash cans out for pick up and bring the cans back in after emptied.

Your house falls under the Ohio Landlord Tenant Law, and is subject to the laws of the State of Ohio, and the City of Dayton. It is subject to jurisdiction by the University of Dayton. By virtue of you going to UD, they have authority over you. It's always best to follow the instructions of safety officials and police. It's also important that you be informed, and know your rights. Do not allow anyone in your house, unless you invite them.